USC 2257 Compliance with privacy

£3 per month for Producers - FREE for your Cast Members

is ID2257?

ID2257 is a secure, easy to use platform for keeping records of cast details for adult media in accordance with 18 USC 2257.

Your documents are encrypted with AES256, using a personal key

Our sign-in service controls access to your key and other sensitive data

Less security-critical data is shared between the secure zone and the web zone

Our easy-to-use web app lets you manage your personal data seamlessly

Non-critical data is siloed away from secure data so that a compromise in the web UI cannot result in a more severe disclosure

Frequently Asked Questions

does it work?

ID2257 keeps your private data in escrow - only you and our moderators can view your personal details. Producers can see who is involved, but your identity documents are not available to them.

You create an account - either as a producer or a cast member

A producer creates an event - our term for a photo or film shoot, whether that's the main aim, or if its (mostly) for fun

When you arrive, you check-in using your phone to scan a QR code

We append a copy of your identity documents to the event as a permanent record

Once your documents are appended to an event, only our moderators can access them - and if they do you'll be notified about it

do I need it?

18 USC 2257 was originally created to help prevent people trafficking in the USA. It is now being adopted by some payment providers as a requirement. While you can keep records yourself, you can also nominate a Keeper of Records - which is what ID2257 is for.

For Producers

Keeping stacks of paper in a filing cabinet is hard work - especially if you have to move house! And nothing kills the moment like having to fill out forms and photograph ID documents. Streamline your photo and film shoots and get rid of the paper with ID2257.

For Cast Members

We get it: handing over your identity is scary. Whether you're letting someone photograph documents, or having to upload them to a third party site, every copy increases the risk that these prime targets for identity theft will be compromised.

That's why we don't let anyone else look at them.

is my data held?

ID2257 is based in the United Kingdom.

GDPR Compliant

Being based in the UK, ID2257 is compliant with UK data protection law - equivalent to the EU's GDPR

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