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What is ID2257?

ID2257 is a simple to use service that provides you with all the necessary tools to make you compliant with all UK GDPR and 18 USC 2257 regulations which are required by many adult payment providers and the sites and services that use them.

How does ID2257 protect me and my personal information?

All personal information yourself or your cast members provide is encrypted and access is controlled. Information you upload will not be released to any 3rd party without a UK or US court order for the protection of minors, human trafficking, where vulnerable people maybe at risk or as part of a criminal investigation.

When your information is accessed, you will be notified.

What does ID2257 cost?

As a cast member, nothing!

As a producer/creator there is a nominal charge of £3 per month. Once registered you can create as many video and video shots as you want - described as events.

How do cast members register their attendence at my events?

Once you create an event you will be provided with a QR code which you can display on a phone, tablet or laptop, or print off for use on the day of the event. Cast members can scan this QR code to check in to your event, creating an electronic record of their attendence with their consent and identity details securely attached.

You don't need to see their passport or driving license - that's all kept secure on ID2257 already. Checking in takes seconds! There's even a built-in QR code scanner so your cast don't need anything more than a phone and a web browser!


How can I tell which of my clips is associated with which event?

Each event has a "reference code". You'll need to add this to the clip on the service you're using to upload an distribute it.

Exactly how this works will vary by service, however since the code alone means nothing, you could even put it in the publically available description or title.

You will also need to tell the service that is your Nominated Keeper of Records under 18 USC 2257.

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